NYC – 2004

Drop Dead Festival  2 September 2- 5, 2004 Knitting Factory + CBCBs NYC

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Line Up:

Bands: Cinema Strange (CA), Holly Cow (MA), Ausgang (UK ) Deadbolt (CA) Bella Morte (VA),Theatre of Ice (AZ), David E. Williams (PA), Cult of the Psychic Fetus(OH), Turbo A.C.’s(NYC),Empire Hideous (NJ), Gutter Demons (Canada), ,7 Shot Screamers (SL), Speed Crazy (NJ), Memphis Morticians (NYC), Entertainme-nt (GA), Kastle GreySkull(CA), The Gein and the .GraveRobbers (MA), The Young Werewolves (PA), Secret Cervix (NJ), Malice in Leatherland(MA),The Rabies (NYC), Undying Legacy (UK), Lugosi’s Morphine (PA), Ghouls Night Out (MA), The Crimson Ghosts (MA), Phantom Creeps(MA), Alphabet Bombers (D.C.), PsychoCharger (NYC), The Brides (NY), Sasquatch and the Sick-A-Billys (RI), Funeral Crashers (NYC) Live Not On Evil (PA), The Sixteens(CA) Radio Scarlet (CO) The Sixth Chamber (CA) AND MORE


DJ Darlin Grave(UK), DJTroy (Netherlands), DJCharlie the Slut (NYC), DJ Bad Luck (NJ), DJ Cavey Nik (UK), DJ Doc (Germany), DJMange (CT), DJ (MD), Purp (Boston), DJ Stiff (PA), Todd Prozac (NJ), Malediction (TX), DJ Psyche (UK), Jeremy (NYC),Wayne (CA) AND MORE